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I am humbled to share some of the wonderful responses that I received from clients, and the recipients of these portraits, upon seeing their painting. 


Vada and Charlene

"Oh Lisa, these paintings brought tears to my eyes. They are just so beautiful! Thank you so much. I will definitely tell my friends and family about you if they ever want to have something like this done. Its been a great experience. They are so lovely.
Thank you again."

- Angela G


Elvis and Lemmy

"Oh my goodness Lisa! I love it! My daughter is going to absolutely scream when she sees this. Elvis looks exactly like that! Thank you so much. What a great
gift this will be."

"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter absolutely loved her picture!!! Thank you again for the beautiful painting and for letting me give my daughter such
a beautiful gift." 

- Sharon B



"That's absolutely amazing. Stunning! Erin and Dan are going to be so happy!"

- Erin C



"Thank you for creating this beautiful portrait. This amazing gift made my sister cry and smile."  

- Barbara C

- Adrienne G


- Rebecca C

"It was the best gift ever. We love it so much!"

"This painting really brought us so much joy! Frankie was the best dog, and we are so grateful- you captured him beautifully."



"What an honor it was to give this beautiful gift to Deb. You outdid yourself again. This captures Lucy to a 'T'. This is one of the best gifts I have ever given!"

- Barbara C

"I can't believe how you captured my Lucy's love. It is absolutely stunning!
I can see it was painted with love.
Thank you."

-Deb E

Scout and Zoey

"We loveeee this painting of Scout and Zoey. You captured them both so well. Thank you for making us something so special."

- Justin D


Randle and Edie

"This painting is amazing! I love it.
I received the painting yesterday, and almost cried. It looks even better
in person! Thank you so much for your beautiful work." 

- Nicole G

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